13 Unexpectedly Awesome Things To Do In Fallon

12 Feb 2015
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Looking for a great way to spend an afternoon? Catch a FREE tour of Hidden Cave. This underground cave is an archeological treasure trove for tourists and locals alike. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore this cave’s marvels and ancient artifacts. Visitors should prepare to be awestruck by the cave’s incredibly preserved landscape and rich history that lies just beneath the surface.

Oats Park is a celebrated concert venue that has played host to both alternative musicians and up-and-coming country artists. Spend your evening dancing under the stars amidst music lovers who gather to this local hot spot to get lost in the melodic sounds and rhythms of acclaimed artists.


Surely everyone can agree that nothing beats a small town sunset followed by a crystal clear starry night sky. Load up a truck bed with blankets and drive along the back roads to find the perfect spot to park. Watch daylight fade as swirls of red and orange hues begin to occupy the night sky.

Who needs the snow! Spend the day making sand angels and sledding at Sand Mountain. Prepare to be dazzled by rolling hills of sand that are truly one of mother earth’s landscaping wonders. Usually buzzing with thrill seekers and nature enthusiasts alike, this stretch of sand dunes is the perfect spot for hiking, sandboarding, and ATVing. Pack a sled or bring a quad to see what all the hype is about.

Word of warning: Yes, you will get sand in your shoes.

Come be apart of the small-town charm and see if you have what it takes to conquer the Lattin Farms corn maze. Enjoy the day by wandering through this complex maze at a leisurely stroll or race others to the finish. For the past seventeen years, this detailed maze is restructured yearly in order to keep visitors consistently coming back for more. Join in on all the fun and see for yourself what theme the corn maze is featuring this year.

On select nights, treat yourself to a visit to the Oats Park Art Museum. Snag a viewing of a cult classic at the theater or explore the many forms of artistry featured at the small art gallery. The venue also features big name musicians and speakers from around the country. Before the music starts grab a drink inside the Art Bar — an old west themed saloon.

Pro tip: If you’re mainly interested in grabbing drinks in the Art Bar, make sure there is a performance that night or else the building will be closed.

Grimes Point features a fascinating look into what life was like more than 8,000 years ago. Walk where ancient civilizations once did as you examine the incredibly preserved rock writings and petroglyphs they left behind. Come out for a free tour guided by the Bureau of Land Management or take a self-guided walk up the trailhead.

Come experience one of the city’s favorite sports at Stillwater Creek. This well-known duck hunting spot attracts experienced hunters and rookies alike. All are encouraged to visit this peaceful habitat, bring their own equipment and give it their best shot — pun intended.

Visit this breathtaking vineyard and sample their collection of locally grown premium wines at a tasting or buy a bottle to go. Churchill Vineyards offers an experience unlike any other in that they are the ONLY Nevada winery creating Nevada grown and produced white wines on site. The flavors that come from this high-desert climate make for delicate and well-balanced wines that are widely enjoyed.


People take advantage of the dessert landscape to leave a statement entirely of their own on the edge of Highway 50. Be apart of the traveler’s tradition by leaving your mark on the side of this historic highway. Feel free to pull over and spell out your name or create an image exclusively in rocks for passerby’s to admire.

Pro tip: You do not need to bring your own rocks.

Come to the annual Spring Wings Bird Festival in May to gawk at the hundreds of thousands of bird species that make their migration through the valley. This annual event is a family affair jam packed with educational activities, which all pay tribute to nature. Even if your trip doesn’t line up with Spring Wings, this nationally recognized birding spot is a must see for those who want to admire the hundreds of birds who make their way to this spot year round.

Grab a brew and be apart of the city’s deep-rooted racing culture at Octane Fest. Join in on the action at this three-day motorsports festival featuring dirt track racing, drag racing, freestyle motocross and a monster truck jamboree. The stands rumble and shake as monster trucks launch over stunt cars and backflip across the arena.

Pro tip: Keep your eyes peeled for the monster truck, Bounty Hunter.



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