5 Reasons Why Grimes Point Should Be Your Next Adventure

22 Jan 2015
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When thinking about future family adventures, Grimes Point might not be the first topic in the conversation.

But it should be.

The prehistoric rock art site and secret cave is located near Fallon (a little over an hour from Reno) and is a fascinating recreation area that many locals don’t know about.

There are numerous things that make Grimes Point a quality place for your next family adventure. Here are the top 5.

1. History at its finest

Grimes Point opened as a National Recreational Trail in 1978. But people have been visiting it for more than 8,000 years.

Native Americans visited Grimes Point and left intriguing rock writings called petroglyphs. If you want your children to learn about how the world was thousands of years ago, they can interact with the site and learn from the informational pamphlets and guides.

2. Let your imagination run wild

What do the petroglyphs mean? Were they trying to communicate with other people? Were they mapping out hunting areas? For years scientists have agreed and disagreed with definitions.

It may be frustrating for scientists, but it’s fun for the people who see it in person. You and your family can interpret it for yourself and use your imagination to come up with what you think it means.

You might just be right!

3. Hidden Cave

Hidden Cave is a hit for children and adults. The tours are guided by experts at the BLM. The archaeological dig site is still being studied to this day. They’re looking at exposed rock that has 21,000 years of history inside.

Tours are the second and fourth Saturday of every month and start at the Churchill County Museum at 9:00 a.m. where guests learn about the cave and then caravan out to the cave in their own vehicles.

4. Explore on your own, or with an expert

Grimes Point has an entire recreational area of trails, rocks and historical facts. The area allows the family to get outside and explore.

If you’re looking for something more structured, there are tours not only of Hidden Cave, but also about Great Basin history. Contact the BLM for more info at 775-885-6000.

5. Right in our backyard

car ride to Fallon from Reno or Carson City is just over an hour. You can visit Grimes Point for a few hours or the whole day. There are plenty of hotels and restaurants in nearby Fallon. If it’s a day-trip, you can easily be back before dinner.



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