Small Town. Big Smiles. Fallon.

Whether it’s arts, activities, food, history or natural beauty, "The Oasis of Nevada" has something for everybody.

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A Destination Thousands of Years in the Making.

From ancient tribesmen who etched symbols into rocks to modern families looking for fun, Fallon has been drawing people for thousands of years. Come see why.


Fallon is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise, nestled between wetlands swarming with birds and mountains teeming with wildlife. If it can be done outside, chances are it can be done here. Just ask the birders, hunters, fishermen, boaters, off-roaders and explorers who consider Fallon their favorite recreation destination.

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Arts & Culture

Just as Fallon is framed by a rich selection of beauty and life, we strive to capture equally vibrant art and culture in our antique shops, art galleries and theaters.

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Catering to casual visitors and history buffs alike, Fallon has many stories to tell since its journey from ancient hunting ground to strategic post during the building of the American west.

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Eat & Drink

Located in the heart of Nevada agriculture, Fallon offers a variety of restaurants and cafes happy to serve up the season’s healthiest, freshest and most delicious food.

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Tractors and Truffles
DeGolyer Bucking Horse and Bull Bash
4th of July Parade
Octane Fest
Spring Bird Migration

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