Enter the Holiday Oasis in Fallon

10 Jun 2024
Enter the Oasis

Welcome to Fallon’s new video series, Enter the Oasis! To kick things off, we’re highlighting some of the incredible ways Fallon transforms itself into a holiday oasis every year. Enjoy this look into one of our town’s most special gatherings, and don’t forget that great things happen when you Enter the Oasis!

The Fallon Christmas Tree Lighting

For almost a century, the Fallon Christmas Tree Lighting has been dazzling folks from our town’s community and beyond. Thousands of spectators flock to the center of Fallon every year for the magical tree lighting, a dazzling fireworks show, holiday performances, and so much more! At the core of this beloved gathering is the spirit of giving; it’s a time to connect with the people around us, and embrace the generosity and goodwill that defines the holiday season.  If you’re curious about the history behind the Fallon Christmas Tree Lighting, be sure to check out our other post that delves into the fascinating story of the event.

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Fallon on Ice

In 2024, Fallon’s annual Christmas Tree Lighting festivities were accompanied by Fallon on Ice for the first time ever! Whether you’re a seasoned ice skater or just learning, Fallon on Ice is a place where everyone can come together to experience the simple joy of gliding across the rink, laughing with friends and family. We’re counting down the days until we can hit the ice again! To learn more about the first season of Fallon on Ice, read our wrap-up blog post.

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Enter the Oasis

The holidays are a blast in Fallon, but you’ll also find year-round fun to be had in the Oasis of Nevada! Our new video series, Enter the Oasis, will be showcasing the best and brightest bits of Fallon, offering a glimpse into the unique charm and beauty of our community.


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