3C Event Complex serves as Fallon’s new home for entertainment 

18 Apr 2022
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The 3C Event Complex facility couldn’t be in a more perfect location; it’s conveniently east of Highway 95, on Sheckler Road near the Reno Highway, where many people commute to and from work between cities. 

Within the 3C Event Complex is the 3C Rafter Arena, which also includes a multipurpose meeting room (The Buckland Room), concourse, and a concession. The main outdoor arena has been renamed to Fairview Arena, and the Grand Arena is now the AR Green Arena. 

Why 3C you may ask?

The entire fairgrounds has been renamed to the 3C Event Complex, with the 3C’s standing as an acronym for the world class, newly completed Churchill County Civic (Arena)

The Rafter 3C Arena will not only bring developmental economic opportunities to Fallon, but also events from outside of the community. According to Churchill County Commissioners, more than 10,000 people are expected to visit the arena post-opening. 

The 75,000 square foot building also includes:

  • 1,822 seats and 30 seats for wheelchair access
  • Mounted video screens 
  • A 25,000 foot concourse area for rodeo events; livestock pens are on the south side with chutes leading into the arena
  • Approximately 304 parking spaces on the north and west sides of the building

    Sections and buildings in the area also are flaunting new names since they previously didn’t, and replaced some of the generic names. The old fairgrounds at the main outdoor area of the new 3C Complex have been renamed to Fairview Area. At the new 3C Arena, visitors and locals also will also experience:

    The Lonetree Field, home of the annual Cantaloupe Festival 

    Stage and pavilion area is now Hay Palace Stage & Pavilion

    Greasewood Pavilion (festival field) and Sandy Run Pasture 

    Quarter Horse Cutting Arena and Cut Hut Timers Booth

    Eastgate Concession at the Fairgrounds

    Rawhide Stalls (newly named barn stalls)

    Ragtown RV Park (formerly known as RV Park) 

    Miner’s Road lot, where vaccines are currently given, is now known as the 40 Mile Camp

    Overland Announcers Booth; Fairview is now Stillwater Timers Booth; Lee Green timers booth is now Ellsworth Timers Booth

    Visit the new Oser Park

    The sports and game fields surrounding the 3C Event Complex also includes the newly named Oser Regional Park, named after Fallon local Alex Oser, who donated the land located west of the Rafter 3C Arena. The Oser Regional Park provides open, comfortable space for families and groups, such as: 

  • Lockwood Tennis Courts
  • Lou Buckmaster Field 
  • Cal Ripken Field
  • Wonder Field, made for soccer games 
  • Aquatic Center for swimming
  • La Plata Disc Golf Course
  • Pioneer I picnic shelter
  • Pioneer II Challenge Course
  • Carlson Climbing Wall
  • Westgate Concession
  • Liberty Courts
  • Parks & Rec office building is now Pinion Office

    Upcoming Events

    Although the official opening of the Rafter 3C Arena isn’t until June, the facility is opening early for certain events, such as the Back Roads Vintage Market, Spring Market scheduled for May 20-21, 2022. 

    The arena also will be a home for emergency shelters, including areas reserved for COVID-19 testing. 

    The Rafter 3C Arena is currently scheduling events for the future. For inquiries, contact the Churchill County Office at 775-423-7733. 

    Here are some of the upcoming events at the Rafter 3C Arena this year, at 325 Sheckler Road: 

    Rockabilly Riot – June 9-12 @ TBA

    Tattoo convention with classic hot rods 

    Battle Born Broncs – Wednesday, June 15 @ 7:00 p.m.

    PRC sanctioned event with competition visiting from all over the U.S. This is a day before the Reno Rodeo starts, June 16-25. 

    8th Annual de Golyer Bucking Horse and Bull Bash – Saturday, June 25 @ 5:00 p.m. 

    Annual hometown rodeo event curated by locals. 

    Fallon Cantaloupe Festival & Country Fair  – August 26 – 28

    The longest agricultural running event in Nevada features the sweet, juicy cantaloupe, crafters, food, family fun and a Country Fair. 
    For a full list of events in the Fallon area, take a look at our calendar.

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