Plan Your Road Trip in Northern Nevada

historical-ghosttownPlan Your Road Trip in Northern Nevada

When you firm up those plans to take a road trip around northern Nevada, make sure you plan ahead to avoid unnecessary distractions and to stay safe on the road.

Plan your Itinerary: Reno to Fallon
When you are ready to start planning, head to and search to find out about the available activities and events. Begin the trip in Reno and drive east on US – 50 for about an hour to arrive in Fallon. Enjoy the outdoors for a while, have a great dinner, stay in a rustic hotel, then get up and get on the road to your next destination. If you plan it well, you can even take tours of Hidden Cave, an important archaeological dig site that is still being studied today. The Bureau of Land Management gives tours on the second and fourth Saturday of every month.

Fallon to Toiyabe to Elko
Not too far from Fallon, you could trek out into the wilderness at Toiyabe National Forest, only about a three-hour drive across northern Nevada to some beautiful terrain. Toiyabe offers a huge forest in the Great Basin, the region that is between the Wasatch Mountains in Utah and the Sierra Nevada in California. The forest has prairies, granite canyons and snowcapped mountains from eastern California to central Nevada. Boundary Peaks Wilderness Area is located on the eastern slope of the White Mountains, entirely within Nevada and contains the highest peak in Nevada at 13,140 feet.

When you have had enough, drive north on State Route 21 and NV – 722 E, and then on to NV- 305 N until you come to I-80 and go east to Elko. In Elko, you can experience the Ruby Mountains and canyon streams as a reminder of the feeling of the unspoiled West. Elko is also home of the Humboldt National Forest, technically a part of the Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest and the Northeastern Nevada Museum.

Elko to Ruby Lake
To wrap up this tour of this part of Nevada, I would suggest driving south and ending up in Ruby Valley at the Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge. Ruby Valley is home to one of the most remote refuges of the US. It consists of nearly 40,000 acres and is mainly a marsh bordered by meadows, grasslands and brush-covered uplands. It is a great place to watch birds due to its location along some of the principal migration corridors of both the Pacific and Central Flyways. Driving there can be challenging though, so check out your routes ahead of your trip.

Now that you have that exciting itinerary planned, you need to get ready for the trip.

Make a Checklist to Pack and Get Ready for the Trip

Sample Checklist
A few Weeks before you go:

  1. Do all routine maintenance on the car or RV you will be driving. Make sure tires are good and inflated properly. Get oil changed and check engine fully.
  2. Prepare a kit for the car of emergency supplies like fuses, batteries; water, duct tape, a screwdriver, a few other tools, spare tire (inflated properly) and spare can of oil.
  3. Start a list of what you will pack and take with you.
  4. Make reservations for campgrounds or motels or B & B’s where you will want to stay overnight. Doing this in advance allows you to take advantage of discounts and specials.

A Few Days ahead of the trip:

  1. Shorten the list of what you will pack and take with you.
  2. Check that everything is working properly on the car, including blinkers, brake lights, emergency flashers, etc.
  3. Check the Internet for coupons and discounts for restaurants and attractions where you will be traveling. Make any last minute changes to your reservations.
  4. Make sure you have plenty of games and DVD’s for the kids if you will be bringing them along.
  5. Make plans for your pets – whether or not they are traveling with you.
  6. Let key people know you will be out of town, like a nearby neighbor or friend who can come by and check on your house while you are gone, take care of your lawn, water plants, etc. Consider canceling your newspaper or mail delivery.

The night before you leave:

  1. Pack your suitcases or duffel bags early. When you realize you have too much, unpack the unnecessary items. Bring smart phones and chargers, laptop and tablets and their chargers.
  2. Make sure you have a bunch of road-ready snacks and water and juice always ready and cold.
  3. Take a few moments to ensure all family members have their favorite pillows, blankets or other sleeping requirements. (“Where’s Fluffy? I can’t sleep without Fluffy!” This is not what you want to hear when you are 500 miles from home.)
  4. Take the family dog and his dish if you are taking him along, or drop him off at the vet if not. Take care that you take along any medicines he needs.
  5. Take any medications or vitamins any family members may need as well and emergency numbers for doctors your insurance cards, etc. Be sure you know how to access care in an emergency if you should need it.

Get up early the next morning, ready to hit the road. Now that you’re all prepared, get on the road and enjoy yourself in northern Nevada!

About the Author: Joe Laing is the Marketing Director for El Monte RV, a nationwide RV rental company.

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