Awesome Hidden Cave Tours in Fallon!

Cave-4-1Join the Churchill County Museum and the Bureau of Land Management for an afternoon of exploring an ancient natural piece of Nevada’s history, “Hidden Cave”.

On the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month, head over to the Churchill County Museum to learn the epic history of this cave originally formed by ancient Lake Lahontan around 21,000 BCE. Discover its continued evolution influenced by natural occurrences such as volcano eruptions, the receding lake, and human usage dating all the way back to the Northern Paiute Native Americans.

The tour begins at the museum, one of Fallon’s hidden gems, stocked full of interesting items, including an exhibit with artifacts excavated from a 1970’s dig at Hidden Cave. At approximately 9:30, the museum will play a 20 minute video on the history of the cave.

Once that’s over, the caravan to the cave begins! A short 15 minute drive later at the site of the cave, the group begins a guided hike to the cave’s entrance. “Hidden Cave” was named because of the difficulty in finding its small opening.

On the way, participants can enjoy photo opportunities and a stream of knowledge from the tour guide on native plants, including liken and tufa. Marvel at the landscape and viewing opportunities of an area that was once completely under water. And of course, there’s no missing the petroglyphs!

Once inside the cave, the tour continues and, according to museum administrator Donna, “spectacular things await.” She’s confident people of all ages will be blown away by the cave’s sights and walk away with a newfound appreciation of our state’s history and landscape.

After the tour the rest of the day is yours, and the organizers encourage you to walk over to the picnic tables and enjoy a lunch while taking in the scenery or drive back into Fallon and enjoy lunch on Maine St., downtown.

A few notes from the museum’s website include:

  • Dress for the weather and wear proper walking shoes.
  • If you’re handicapped or a small child, then the tour probably isn’t for you. But do come down and enjoy the display and video at the museum!
  • There ARE restrooms available within 1.5 miles from the cave site.
  • No reservations are needed, and the tour is FREE!

Cave-6-2-300x200For more on the cave’s history, including the unbelievable story about the four school boys who stumbled upon the cave in the 1920’s and thus became the first 20th century humans to explore it, Click Here to v isit the website.

For questions about the tour, call Donna at 775.423.3677.


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